Great Health Care Staffing Franchise with Bright Star Healthcare

Do you want to run your own business? Are you passionate about helping other

Brightstar Care Shelly Sun
Shelly Sun CEO from Brightstar Franchise

people, especially the elderly and needy? If yes, then you might want to consider having your very own health care staffing franchise. Bright Star Health Care is a health care staffing company, which helps and guides you in starting your own business.

Bright Star Health Care is one of the world’s leaders in health care business. It is owned and managed by Shelly Sun and her husband. You don’t necessarily need to have a background in healthcare. As long as you are passionate and genuinely care about the welfare of patients, then this can surely be a potential business for you. The company will train, assist, and guide you on running your franchise in a profitable way.

BrightStar Health Care Franchising for Everyone

When it comes to franchising business, finding the right franchise owner is a must. Luckily, BrightStar is for everyone. Home care experience is not a requirement because many franchisees have different educational and work background. No medical experience is needed, but having one is definitely a plus factor. BrightStar will give you the necessary business and training tools you need. It will support you all the way. It will not leave you alone. It will remain by your side throughout the franchising process; making sure that you run your health care franchising business in a highly competent and profitable manner.

In order for you and your franchising business to succeed, you need to possess the following qualities:

  • Self-motivated/self-driven
  • Outgoing personality
  • Work under pressure
  • Loves to manage and supervise a team
  • High business acumen level
  • Loves success/passion to succeed

BrightStar Health Care as Medical Allay

Bright Star Health Care is a medical agency, which simply means that it has the ability to offer hands on care. This has made Bright Star ahead of its non-medical competitors. Patients and their families will surely prefer an agency that does both medical and non-medical care as it gives them assurance that their loved ones are in good hands. BrightStar offers assisted living, companion care, child care, injections, wound care, blood draws, physical therapy, and even designing a program that perfectly fits the general health condition and well-being of patients.

BrightStar Healthcare has the ability to provide care to patients with special needs including quadriplegic patients. The company has a team of medical experts who is expert in handling different medical needs. Medical professionals are present which work hand in hand to provide the best possible care to patients. BrightStar does provide the same services offered in an assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The business franchising opportunity offered by BrightStar Healthcare is a rounded one. Patients don’t have to move from one place to another in case their condition worsens. They will be placed in a facility where all the care, living assistance, and medical and health needs are being taken care of.

Through health care staffing franchise offered by Bright Star Health Care, you will be able to reach as many potential clients as possible. The income opportunities are endless. Your business has great potential; plus you will be assisted in starting and establishing your business; not to mention the fulfilling feeling you will get from helping the patients and their immediate family. Health care franchising is indeed one of the great ways to earn money while doing the things you love most.

For more information on Brightstar Franchise take a look at their videos on Youtube.


Why Should You Enroll in Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

Do you want to become a health coach and help others transform their lives for the better? If yes, then make sure you have a good foundation by becoming a certified health coach at IIN or Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

IIN has a humble beginning. It started in 1992 in a small rented kitchen and then solely offered online with more than 50,000 graduates to date. After a year and completing all the necessary requirements, you will become a certified health coach, which also means that you are ready to explore world and help others change their lives for the better.

Over the years, IIN became successful in producing well-known personalities in

Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson – Health Journalist

the health and wellness industry such as Pete Evans, Jess Ainscough, Miranda Kerr, and Sarah Wilson. These health coaches among many other graduates of IIN are dedicated to helping others transform their health and life as a whole. Today, IIN health coaching is offered to more than 122 countries across the globe.

The strengths of health coaching with IIN

  • The health coaching program is offered year long.
  • It certifies you to become a competent health coach.
  • It helps you understand the connection between food, nutrition, and your body as a whole.
  • It helps you understand what you put inside your body.
  • IIN health coaching program focuses more on health, wholesomeness, and nourishment.
  • It helps you learn more about the human body, nutrition, and nutrition theories.
  • The lectures are conducted by experts in the field of health and wellness such as doctors, dietitian, and highly renowned nutritionist.
  • It offers tons of information about ways of eating and how to incorporate those ways in your own life.
  • IIN gives you a great business backing such as setting your own business, sole proprietorship, collaborating with other people, and even finding clients.
  • It helps you connect with strong network of people from different parts of the world.
  • The program offered by Institute for Integrative Nutrition is not only intended for people who want to become a health coach, but as well as for own personal growth and personal enrichment.

Health coach income potential

One of the reasons why a lot of people want to become a health coach is because of the huge income potential. You can make as huge as $200 per hour, but of course that takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. At first, it is difficult to achieve this figure even if you have the nutritional knowledge and confidence. Yes, some people can make six figures income, but most people cannot actually do that. Hence, if you really want to become a health coach and you want to

Institute for Integrative Nutrition reviews
Institute for Integrative Nutrition reviews

make money from it, then you have to make sure you completely understand what health coaching is all about. You have to make you shave the entrepreneurial spirit. Most importantly, you should have a strong health coaching foundation and you can get it at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. IIN has helped a lot of people make a living by doing the things they love.

Visit their website for more Integrative Nutrition reviews from many of the successful graduates that have made a career in the industry, or watch the video below.

Why Every Dentist Should Consider Scheduling Institute?

The Scheduling Institute is a company founded by Jay Geier. The primary goal of this company is to help dentist increase the number of new patients. Every dentist knows the lifeblood of the dental practice is generating new patients. Jay Geier’s Scheduling Institute does not only focus on attracting new patients, but as well as focusing on the proper way of scheduling an initial appointment and proper handling of patients during the actual appointment.

Jay Geier
Jay Geier

SI’s New Patient Focus

The Scheduling Institute has a new patient focus/telephone training program. A lot of clients have tried this and they were able to enjoy up to 40% increase in the number of new patients. On a technical perspective, the scheduling system implemented by Jay Geier does not actually generate new patients, but helps dentists recover their patients they are losing, but don’t know or don’t have any idea about it.

According to Jay Geiers Scheduling Institute reviews, about 98% of new patients make a call before coming in the dental office. This simply means that your front desk staff creates a lasting impression to potential new patients. The good thing about Scheduling Institute is that its methods, techniques, and strategies are backed with research studies. The company conducts more than a thousand research studies on dental practices every month. The study turned out that a dentist can actually lost about 50% of new patients because of staff’s incompetent handling of phone calls. Your front desk officer should know how to convince patients to make appointment. An inquiry call that is not translated into actual patients can cause you to losing money. So, you are literally paying your staff without them doing their part for you and your company.

If you have finally decided to become a member of the Scheduling Institute team, you will be able to see a significant increase in new patients in a matter of months. The production and collection in the dental industry can also lead to 35% increase over the next 12 months. A total of 93% increase in new patients can also be observed over one year period. If you are seeing your practice as a dead battery, then turn to Scheduling Institute and you will surely be able to bring life to your dead practice.

The Scheduling Institute program eases the life of dentist by shifting the responsibility of generating new patients from the dentist to the dental team. By doing so, the member of the dental team will learn how to increase their performance and be able to be a productive member of the dental team. The company will help set the team’s new patient goal, strategies of using the phone and handling phone calls, as well as monitoring the performance of the team.

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