Weight Loss Tips for Busy Women

We are living in a fast paced world. Many people don’t have the luxury of time to prepare their own meals. Whenever they feel hungry, they go to fast food chains for fast fixes. These kinds of foods do not promote healthy weight loss. In fact, they can cause you to gain a lot of weight. The next thing you know, your weight is already unmanageable. When looking for weight loss programs for women, you may find the following tips helpful.

Thorough Planning For Your Diet and Exercise

If you have a busy lifestyle, it does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise your health and fitness. It is a must to conduct meal planning. Prepare what you are going to eat for the entire week and put in the fridge. If you don’t plan your meal, you can easily get into bad eating habit. Plan your meal and do everything you can to stick to it.

Healthy food choices

One of the reasons why you gain so much weight is not because of the amount of food you eat but the types of food you eat. Foods high in calorie and unhealthy fats are the primary reasons for weight gain. The same thing goes for sugar-rich foods. Focus more on eating healthy foods, especially the ones rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Do not skip breakfast no matter how busy your lifestyle is. It is the most important meal of the day. It gives your body an energy boost to help you get going through the day. It also boosts the metabolism of the body. This is a fantastic site to learn more about weight loss for women.

Cut your vices and food addictions

It is not just enough to get rid of unhealthy foods from your diet. You have to cut your vices too. If you are having a hard time removing them from your system, then at least do it gradually. If you smoke, then you have to cut down the number of cigarette sticks. If you drink alcoholic beverage, limit the bottles or at least drink once or twice a month. Do not be too hard on yourself. Avoid drastic changes for it could lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Hydration for Weight loss and nutrient processing

Keep your body hydrated. You should drink two to three liters of water a day. Adding natural fruit juices also helps in nourishing the body with essential nutrients. There are a lot of organic stores that sell natural fruit juices. You will have a vast choice and so you will find one that suits your taste bud.

How To Make Money As A Health Coach?

Health coaching is one of the easiest ways to make money provided you have the knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and strong foundation. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition offers a health coach certification that you can enroll in. It certifies you to become a health coach and guides you through the possibilities of making money as a health coach. Thousands of students have graduated from Integrative Nutrition and they are earning while doing the things they love the most.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is the largest nutrition school in the world. The concepts, theories, and educational foundation in general guarantee that you will surely generate money right after finishing the program. This program does not only work for entrepreneurs, but as well as to people who want to use the program for their own personal growth.

One-on-one health coaching

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Laura London

Midway through the course, students already have educational inputs, which will give student confidence conducting one-on-one health coaching. The one-on-one health coaching can be done online or personally. A lot of students are doing one-on-one coaching via phone, Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangout.

Group workshops

Once you become a certified health coach, you are now eligible to conduct group workshops. This is actually a great way to make money and help others to better themselves. With group health coaching session, you will be able to charge people less while earning more. Group health coaching can be done both online and offline settings.

Creating a product

A health coach can make money by creating a product such as designing a wellness program or writing a book. Not only that it helps you generate huge amount of money, but it also hone your knowledge and skills and who knows one day you become expert in the field of health and wellness. It will also make you very popular in the health and wellness industry and at the same time boosting your confidence and credibility. It’s up to you to publish the book in e-format or in a hard format.


Health coaching enables you to earn money online. Create your very own blog and once you establish your online reputation, you can then great sponsorship opportunities and even appear on popular websites such as The Huffington Post.


Health coaches are making money by imparting their knowledge to other people through speaking. There are so many companies and organizations out there who hire health coach and other health professionals who impart their knowledge and experience about a certain topic. You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per talk.

The income potential is limitless. There are a lot of things you can do to generate money such as establishing your very own product line, opening a health store, catering services that specialize in healthy and nutritious foods, managing a fitness center, and so on.

What you will get from IIN health coaching?

• Health and nutrition knowledge
• Business training and handouts
• Support system

How do you charge client?

The rate for charging a client varies, but generally you have to consider your location. If you are living in New York City and other places where the cost of living is high, then you can actually charge $100 per hour. Of course, you have to consider your target clients. If you are targeting wealthy people, then you can charge more because you are aware that these people are able to pay.

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition on CNN – This is a great article on how IIN and Joshua Rosenthal are changing the world through nutrition.

Why Should You Enroll in Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

Do you want to become a health coach and help others transform their lives for the better? If yes, then make sure you have a good foundation by becoming a certified health coach at IIN or Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

IIN has a humble beginning. It started in 1992 in a small rented kitchen and then solely offered online with more than 50,000 graduates to date. After a year and completing all the necessary requirements, you will become a certified health coach, which also means that you are ready to explore world and help others change their lives for the better.

Over the years, IIN became successful in producing well-known personalities in

Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson – Health Journalist

the health and wellness industry such as Pete Evans, Jess Ainscough, Miranda Kerr, and Sarah Wilson. These health coaches among many other graduates of IIN are dedicated to helping others transform their health and life as a whole. Today, IIN health coaching is offered to more than 122 countries across the globe.

The strengths of health coaching with IIN

  • The health coaching program is offered year long.
  • It certifies you to become a competent health coach.
  • It helps you understand the connection between food, nutrition, and your body as a whole.
  • It helps you understand what you put inside your body.
  • IIN health coaching program focuses more on health, wholesomeness, and nourishment.
  • It helps you learn more about the human body, nutrition, and nutrition theories.
  • The lectures are conducted by experts in the field of health and wellness such as doctors, dietitian, and highly renowned nutritionist.
  • It offers tons of information about ways of eating and how to incorporate those ways in your own life.
  • IIN gives you a great business backing such as setting your own business, sole proprietorship, collaborating with other people, and even finding clients.
  • It helps you connect with strong network of people from different parts of the world.
  • The program offered by Institute for Integrative Nutrition is not only intended for people who want to become a health coach, but as well as for own personal growth and personal enrichment.

Health coach income potential

One of the reasons why a lot of people want to become a health coach is because of the huge income potential. You can make as huge as $200 per hour, but of course that takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. At first, it is difficult to achieve this figure even if you have the nutritional knowledge and confidence. Yes, some people can make six figures income, but most people cannot actually do that. Hence, if you really want to become a health coach and you want to

Institute for Integrative Nutrition reviews
Institute for Integrative Nutrition reviews

make money from it, then you have to make sure you completely understand what health coaching is all about. You have to make you shave the entrepreneurial spirit. Most importantly, you should have a strong health coaching foundation and you can get it at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. IIN has helped a lot of people make a living by doing the things they love.

Visit their website for more Integrative Nutrition reviews from many of the successful graduates that have made a career in the industry, or watch the video below.

Learn The 5 Foods To Never Eat And Why

In the information age, it is all too easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of 9 foods to never eatknowledge available in regards to health, diet and eating properly. You probably want to eat better, but are also likely unsure where to start. Keep reading to learn the 5 foods to never eat and why, but also what you can replace them with.

1) Avoid white bread. Most households keep a loaf of bread around because it is so handy and versatile a foodstuff. However, this is a paradox, because despite being such a common food, it is also one that is among those with the least amount of nutritional value. It’s practically solid sugar and doesn’t keep you satiated for too long, so you wind up eating more.

Instead of white bread, use whole wheat or whole grain whenever it is a choice. Just switching to whole grains can lower cholesterol and even possibly the chance of breast cancer. If you want to take things a step further, then skip bread altogether and make your sandwiches out of lettuce wraps or use whole grain tortillas.

2) Forgo the fried foods. This seems like it’s common knowledge that most people know, and yet people also continue to eat fried foods rather often. It’s very difficult to eat fast food without encountering fried foods and yet fast food is something people usually do more than once a week.

Fried foods are not only nutritionally poor, but they also contribute to higher fried foodslevels of both cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as irritable bowel syndrome. The danger is that people eat fried foods at home, thinking that cooking at home is healthier than eating out. Rather than fry anything at home, try to use recipes that focus on baking or broiling whenever possible.

3) Enjoy your salad, but don’t cream it. Cream-based salad dressings bring some badly needed flavor to salads, which are a must for weight loss and a healthy diet. A plate or bowl full of fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds is a nutrition powerhouse that is also very lean on calories. However, cream-based salad dressings are high in fat and calories, and if you use enough, your dressing will have more calories than the salad itself and negate the benefits of eating it in the first place.

Salad dressings are a must for most folks, as the bland taste of salad alone is unsustainable and boring. Consider oil-based salad dressings instead, as they are far healthier. You can even experiment with finding your own taste by mixing oil dressings with salt and pepper and seasonings like oregano. Doing this can bring life to your salad without killing your body.

4) What can brown rice do for you? White rice is the most common form of rice used in cooking, but it’s a poor nutritional choice. For all intents and purposes, white rice is just a miniature form of white bread. It makes it harder for your body to shed extra weight, and you might be more inclined to store the empty calories, and this alone makes white rice one of the 5 foods to never eat.

Brown rice on the other hand comes with not only another color, but also fiber, nutrients and vitamins. While research is ongoing, there is early evidence that brown rice helps prevent heart disease, cancer and even asthmatic problems. Brown rice is sold practically everywhere that white rice is, so use it whenever you can.

5) Don’t get stuck on high fructose corn syrup. This sweetener is more common in processed foods than you might know. You can find it listed as an ingredient on anything from pasta sauces to sodas. While the scientific community is hardly at a consensus on how good or bad it is in itself, there is very little doubt that bodies exposed to high fructose corn syrup have their appetites and waistlines both boosted dramatically. There is even research suggesting this boosts triglyceride levels, which increases the chance of heart and pulmonary issues later in life.

Avoiding high fructose corn syrup is easy if you read labels. It does get hard in terms of desserts and beverages, specifically, though. In the case of desserts, it’s best to learn how to make your own. Fresh fruit with berries always works. In terms of beverages, you can opt for diet sodas and fruit juices, but diet sodas are controversial and risky in themselves, and fruit juices often have high sugar content.

Now that you have read this article, you know 5 foods to never eat, but also why and what to replace them with. Use this knowledge to clean up your diet, your health and eventually your life.