ACN – More Than Just a Business Institution

If you are in the business sector, you probably heard of ACN Inc. It stands for American Communications Network, the leading direct seller of telecommunication and essential products and services for both residential and business clients. It started in the business in 1993 and the target market was North America. Over the years, the company expanded and began offering its products and services to different parts of the world, particularly in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. The sales force is the independent business owner (IBO). The company does not use traditional marketing tactics. The marketing aspect is entrusted in the hands of independent business owners. With the quality of products and services offered by ACN, acquiring customers won’t be a problem.
Over the years, ACN was able to achieve massive growth and success. The company’s impeccable performance in the business sector was recognized by highly respected publications such as the Fortune, USA Today, Direct Selling News, and Success from Home. These publications recognized ACN not only because of its products and services but also because of the company’s effort to provide work to people through independent business ownership.
More than the business aspect, ACN actively takes part in community support and charitable events. It supports various organizations both on the local and international scale. ACN focuses on community events that look after the welfare of children. The company strongly believes that when you make a difference in a child’s life, you are providing help not just for a day, but for a lifetime. ACN won’t be successful without its clients. As a way of giving back, it hosts an international training event in various cities all across the globe. The company collects contributions to its people and gives the money to the charity, the Global Reach Charities. ACN’s legacy is to provide hope to the next generation.
Other charitable endeavors
1. Project Feeding for Kids – Millions of children in the United States alone don’t know where their next meal will be coming from. ACN makes the commitment to join the fight against hunger. The company has a big heart for children and seeing millions of children starving is not acceptable. If you avail the products and services of ACN, you are actively taking part in the fight against hunger. For every product or service you buy from ACN, a child gets fed.
2. Ronald McDonald House – ACN supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities. It is an organization that provides a home away from home, especially in the time of needs. The company holds an annual celebrity golf tournament at Trump National Golf Club. The proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are generated in the said event and it will all go to the charity.
ACN means business, but its heart goes out to the people in need. The company believes that without the patronage of its clients, success will be impossible. As a way of giving back, it forms its own charity, which centers in helping the children in need. It has also partnered with other charitable institutions to make sure that it will be able to extend its help to people who need it the most. If you become a part of ACN, you are not just giving yourself a chance to be financially independent. You are also giving yourself an opportunity to help others in your own little way. In fact, by simply patronizing the products and services of the company, you get to help feed a child one at a time. Joining ACN is not just financially rewarding but life changing too.